Taxation Service

Enhancing a stakeholder value is a fundamental concept, which drives every management effort in the modern business environment. Progressive and bottom-line focused managements have realized that taxes should be viewed as a dynamic item of cost, rather than a passive charge on the profits. Indeed, an effective tax-cost management provides a distinct competitive advantage, which requires the application of appropriate tax strategies, proactively identified and meticulously implemented.

In the modern day world, all businesses are engaged in multinational transactions and operations, they are continually challenged to manage the impact of multiple and ever-changing tax -jurisprudence. Over the last decade, the taxation landscape has revamped and witnessed a paradigm shift globally, on account of the BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) Action Reports issued by OECD/G20 and United Nations Guidelines and in view of various consequent reforms / amendments in domestic taxation.

We provide comprehensive and sophisticated tax assistance in effectively managing the impact of taxation. Based on our deep professional expertise and in-depth understanding of business activities of our clients, we assist our clients in developing an appropriate corporate taxation and transfer pricing strategy and in balancing business opportunity while managing and weighing the effective tax-rate optimizations.

Taxation Service Types

Cross Border Taxation

In today’s constantly changing global scenario, capital is always in search of lucrative opportunities and businesses are always aspiring to convert their potentials into capabilities. With liberalization playing a key role in Indian policies, it has led to a multitude of multinational companies entering India.

Direct Taxation Advisory

Sound business decisions need to be backed by the right tax advice. Today’s dynamic environment has led to fierce competition. Corporate entities have realized the importance of taxation and its associated cost with efforts to reduce the tax incidence to enable them to provide the much-needed edge over competitors and meet challenges in a dynamic business environment

Taxation Litigation Services

The focus of tax assessments (audits) is gradually shifting from micro issues (such as, procedural disallowances) to issue based and concept based reviews. Given the legal labyrinth that taxpayers often face, a judicious cost-benefit analysis is imperative in deciding which issues are worthwhile to litigate and on which issues it is more viable to concede.

TaxConnect Services

Our TaxConnect services specializes in helping clients make informed decisions about their specific strategic / financial needs and discover optimal ways to effectively understand the challenges of the transactions for immediate and long-term benefits, whether it is in the arena of M&As, Divestures, Succession Planning or a review of their tax risks.