Transaction Service

The liberalization of the Indian economy and the multitude of reforms instituted have resulted in a “flux” in the industrial and services sector of India. Companies are increasingly resorting to acquisitions as a means to consolidate and grow rapidly.

The emergence of a large number of professional Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, the increasing maturity of capital markets, in terms of the large number of institutional players and improved systems, has provided myriad opportunities of innovative deals by raising debt or arranging equity financing for Corporates.

The ongoing liberalization programme of the Government is also expected to gain momentum resulting in significant opportunities in the market for Disinvestments, induction of strategic partners, Joint-ventures, spin-offs, etc.

Transaction Service Types

Business Valuations

practice gathers information by understanding the specific industry in which the client operates and provides proactive commercial and market – focused data. Our analysis provides clear, concise and credible advice that will add value in negotiating transactions, assisting in the restructuring process or segregating costs of an asset.


The CapitalConnect services offered by the Firm is through a good network of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Institutional, Angel and High Net-worth Individual investors that it works with globally to understand what each investor brings to the table and what they look for in potential investees.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Within the commercial framework of a deal, a wide range of financing and structuring options are possible. We focus our approach on the most effective options in terms of cost and tax efficiency and provide advice on the alternatives available for all types of corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions and leveraged buyouts

Mergers, Acquisitions & Re-structuring

The growth of the corporate sector in the recent years coupled with the liberalization and globalization of the Indian economy has made the subject of business restructuring and reorganization of great interest to businessmen and professionals alike. Various policy changes have made Indian managements review their business plans in the context of size, reach and global access. Businesses today need to not only to be in a position to survive but also to grow, diversify and consolidate their areas of best practices.